Our Story

High Level Tech Engineering limited is an indigenous company own and manage by Green Francis Limited specializing the in design and fabrication of machines including industrial capability machines and simple household machines. High Level Tech Engineering Limited is responsible for the manufacturing of custom oriented simple fabricated machinery and embedded systems for small businesses, individuals and high profile clientele. From 2019 till date we have manufactured over fifty machines ranging from simple liquid mixers to more complex mechanized liquid dispenser and garri frying machine. We have served over six hundred customers and our enquiry database have grown to well over two thousand of prospective customers.

We are innovative and performance driven company using researched based methodology to carry solutions to identified problems. From a simple process operation machine fabrication to more complex material engineering services, we are constantly using analytical indices to increase the efficiency of our solutions.

Our Mission

To be a leader in the metal fabrication and Engineering space providing excellent service and solutions.


High Level tech Engineering offers a wide variety of fabrication services. Our products include and not limited to Liquid Mixers | Coating machine | Pulverisers | Grating Machine | Frying Machine | Drying Machine | Sealing Machine

Embedded Systems

We offer end-to-end and tailor-made embedded system programming services to clients to boost their businesses. We strive towards a good reputation in the IT industry as well as adapt to our client’s project requirements to offer unique and effective embedded solution. Our IT experts are well versed with low as well as high-level programming languages such as C, C++, C#.

Material Engineering

Our expertise encompasses engineering of materials and their use in a vast range of applications, from the common to the exceptional. We are continually developing innovative or nonstandard test to provide essential information for sophisticated analyses of complex products.​

Computer-Aided Designs

We are a CAD services provider specializing in 3D CAD modelling services, Cad conversion services, Cad drafting services and CAD outsourcing for parts catalogues, manufacturing processes, construction documentation, sheet metal manufacturing, product design, architectural Cad design services and more.

Meet Our Team

We are under the professional management of Green Francis Limited.

Have Any Questions?

We are constantly looking to build a great system of solution providers. We are innovative and dynamic. We are able to collaborate and form strategic partnership to deliver any project. Contact Us today!

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